Weekly progress

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Hello, my dear reader! It’s only a few days left before the 1st of September, which is not only the Knowledge Day (in Russia), but also is a deadline for our “Vectorization and Tweening” stage. We are working very hard to get everything done, but looks like we […]

Weekly progress

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Do you hear the ground trembling? Yes, the release date of the Demo is approaching. The critical mass have been reached and we suddenly made significant a break through. Can you believe? For main characters it’s less than 10 shots left to do!  All the rest is just […]

Ivan and Morevna models – Community call results

OK, people, today we are ready to announce the results of our community call for Ivan and Morevna models. One month passed by since we published the call and during that period many artists worked to create the models of the two main characters. It was an exciting for me to meet so many enthusiastic […]

Weekly progress

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) What can I say about the last week? Well, we still have a lot of fun with vectorization! The production sheet is slowly clearing up and the amount of white spaces on it is not that depressing anymore. Still it’s not a time for relaxing – we have […]

Demo release date

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) It’s time for an official announcement. The Morevna Project Demo will be released on November 10th, 2012. The release event, as well as the first public screening will take place at Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (Göteborg, Sweden). Everyone is invited to come. As part of this […]

Weekly progress

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Last week was extremely productive – we have finished a few complex shots. Although I still do some vectorization, my main task is to stitch vectorized keyframes together and tween them. Working with such complex shots with a lot of action I can feel my skills growing, I […]

Weekly progress

Another week passed by. The activity in the project increasing and there are lots of things I want to share today. First of all, we are happy to get two participants joined our community call for vectorization. Don’t be distracted by the small number of participants. I should say – even one person can make […]

Weekly progress

I will start today’s weekly progress from screencast demonstrating our “lazy tweening” approach. This approach can be shortly summarized in following steps: Vectorize each keyframe independently. Use stickman to deform first keyframe to second and create tweening transition. Repeat the same for second and third keyframes and so on. We have spent the whole week […]

Community Call: Vectorization help

EDIT: The call is closed. Thank you everyone who participated! See details   Today we’re taking one more step to attract the community to Morevna Project development. This time we will ask for attention from Synfig users. Let me introduce you: We are working hard vectorizing and tweening the keyframes made by Nikolay. Still, looks […]

Weekly progress

And here’s another delayed weekly progress. What can I say? The last week was hot! We did a lot of work on animation, we have started working on 3d elements of the project and published two community calls… Today is exactly a middle of the period dedicated to the Vectorization and Tweening task – according […]

Community Call: Soldiers models

2012-09-20 EDIT: The call is closed. See details   2012-08-20 / EDIT: The deadline is extended until the September 20th!   Hey, everyone! There was so much response about our previous call, so we decided that it will be bad to waste your attention just on two models. Let me explain the situation. Right at […]

Community Call: 3D models of Ivan and Morevna

EDIT: The call is closed. Thank you everyone who participated! See details   Attention, Blender artists! We are looking for volunteer Blender modeller who can make a 3D models of our two main characters – Ivan and Morevna. The models are going to be used be used in the Morevna Project Demo and for reference […]