Morevna Project is working on producing anime series called
«The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna».

The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna: Demo

is the first animated short created by Morevna Project. It was made as a “proof of concept” for idea of producing open anime movie excluively with open-source software only.


New episode is in production now!

Poster for Morevna Episode 4

Artwork by Anastasia Majzhegisheva (Morevna Project). License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. Download source file <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Japanese voicing sample #2 for Morevna Episode 3

Following by previous sample from Irina Shkurina, we’ve got one more contribution – to Japanese version of Morevna Episode 3 – Stas Kholodilin provided voicing sample of Koschei! Now, for a complete Japanese voicing we are missing only two characters – Ivan and The Soldier! P.S. For anyone interested, the raw voice audio is available […]

Japanese voicing sample for Morevna Episode 3

We’ve got one more remix of Morevna Episode 3 – Irina Shkurina made a translation and recorded the voice part of Morevna character in Japanese! She also assisted with a quick temporary placeholders for some replicas of  Ivan character, which made possible to build the voicing sample mix. For a complete Japanese version we still […]

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