Morevna Project is working on producing anime series called
«The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna».

The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna: Demo

is the first animated short created by Morevna Project. It was made as a “proof of concept” for idea of producing open anime movie excluively with open-source software only.


The first episode is in production now!


Fan-Art by Viktoria Popova

Viktoria Popova brings a new breath to our fan-art stream: humanized representations Koschey! (☆▽☆)


Fan-Art by Viktoria Popova

A series of fan-art character by  Viktoria Popova: Ivan, Morevna, Koschey and Baba-Yaga! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))  


In-production content of Morevna Episode 3 goes public

Dear friends, it’s time to bring some hidden content of Episode 3 to public view!

You probably remember, that during production of latest Morevna episode I’ve been publishing a series of reports, describing the ongoing progress. According to our rules, with a purpose to avoid spoilers some content was hidden and available to our premium patrons only. Now Morevna Episode 3 is released and it’s time to make it all public!


Fan-Art by Anya Erogova

Fan-Art character by Anya Erogova: Morevna! \(^▽^)/ Download source file: morevna.kra

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