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What can I say about the last week? Well, we still have a lot of fun with vectorization! The production sheet is slowly clearing up and the amount of white spaces on it is not that depressing anymore. Still it’s not a time for relaxing – we have only 2,5 weeks left for this task. Of course, we keep receiving help from the community and here’s the current stats:

  • Jcome: 17
  • Pixelgeek: 4
  • Animtim: 3
  • LoboZamora: 4

Also, there is a lot of work have been done on 3D models. The deadline for Ivan and Morevna community call is approaching and this week on 15th August I’m going to announce the results.

And yes, we have finally announced official release date of the Demo. We defined this date in early March already. It was just almost random – I’ve said to Nikolay: “We’re going to release in November, but maybe it would be good to set particular date?” And then we decided it to be 10th of November. And when the invitation to participate in FSCONS  come up, we suddenly realized that this event concurs with our release date. So, we decided – hey, why not? Let’s get the first screening at the conference in Sweden! And yesterday, after receiving the confirmation of our participation accepted, we were happy to tell aloud about our evil plans. That’s the story.

So, it’s all my news for today, need to get back to work. Have a great week, everyone!

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