Deadlines, deadlines…

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This weekly report I will start from an announcement that as of September 1st our vectorization “competition” is over.

And here’s the final results:

  • Jcome: 26
  • LoboZamora: 17
  • Pixelgeek: 4
  • Animtim: 3

It’s obvious that absolute leader in that competition is Jcome! Congratulations! ^__^

The vectorization competition was started on July 22 and finished on September 1st. During that period the community successfully vectorized the amount of 30 keyframes. It is a really significant help for the project. The results of such community involvement are evaluated by me as a big success and valuable experience. We plan to continue extending and improving such practices as part of our future activities.

My big thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winner!


While the vectorization call is over, the call for soldier models is still open and we received another submission from Marco Antonio Real Adame (Chotio Productions. Here it is:

Now Marco is willing to proceed with animating this one in the same way as he did for previous model.


…And I guess many of you remember that the 1st of September is also a deadline for our “Vectorization and Tweening” stages. Sad news here – we didn’t managed to finish everything in time. The current status can be found on the image below. As you can see there is still few major shots pending, as well as some minor works.

Tweening and Vectorization status (03.09.2012)

We hope to finish everything on this week and proceed to the next stage as soon as possible.

That’s all for today. Let’s keep working hard!

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