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Do you hear the ground trembling? Yes, the release date of the Demo is approaching. The critical mass have been reached and we suddenly made significant a break through.

Tweening and Vectorization status (20.08.2012)

Can you believe? For main characters it’s less than 10 shots left to do!  All the rest is just background characters, 3d models and polishing. Of course that’s a lot of work too, but hey, how sweet that feels when you see something suddenly turns from random  pieces into solid whole!

The vectorization competition is going on and it’s a big help for us. Here’s the current statistics:

  • Jcome: 20
  • Pixelgeek: 4
  • Animtim: 3
  • LoboZamora: 13

Good new for all participants – we have no more foot closeups to vectorize! I can imagine how much you all “liked” such tasks. ^__^

When we working on Morevna Project we always learning. And everytime when we find new trick, new workflow or new effect – we always feel happy. The discovery of the last week was the Luminance blend method for shadows. Previously we used Onto blend method, but this week we have found that Luminance can give a much better look in many cases. Compare yourself:

Unfortunately, for dark colors Luminance gives a it weird results. Right now we are combining both methods, depending on the situation, butI’m starting to think on creating the new blend method which will combine the best of two worlds. Still, i can’t tell for sure if that possible…

And yes, this week we have an exceptional number of screenshots to show. Enjoy!

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