Weekly progress

And here’s another delayed weekly progress.

What can I say? The last week was hot! We did a lot of work on animation, we have started working on 3d elements of the project and published two community calls…

Tweening and Vectorization status (16.07.2012)

Today is exactly a middle of the period dedicated to the Vectorization and Tweening task – according to the plan, we have 3 months for this and on 1st of September we should have all keyframes vectorized and animated. Well, looking at the production sheet I must admit – it’s not even a half of the work done yet.  Still this is usual situation and we still all have all chances to catch up. ^__^

As I mentioned in my previous post, we got awesome response from blender users on our community call for Ivan and Morevna models. Looking at the intermediate results I really believe that the models will be really awesome. Unfortunately, for some reason people avoiding the community call for soldiers models. That’s  a bit unexpected for me, because I really thought that it’s the funniest way to contribute. Comparing to Ivan and Morevna task it less strict on requirements and really lets your imagination flow. Maybe people treat this task as menial work? Or maybe it’s easier to create your own model than modify existing one? Or maybe it’s just too early for results? ^__^

One more thing to mention – Julia Velkova joined our team to polish the screenplay translation and last week she have finished stylistic editing of the first four (most complex) parts of screenplay. She’s very serious about this task and looks like we will have final version of screenplay translation available soon.

That’s all our news for the moment. Let’s have an awesome new week!

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