Ivan and Morevna models – Community call results

OK, people, today we are ready to announce the results of our community call for Ivan and Morevna models.

One month passed by since we published the call and during that period many artists worked to create the models of the two main characters. It was an exciting for me to meet so many enthusiastic people and see everyone was working so hard to deliver the best results. But in we end we can accept only one model of Ivan and only one model of Morevna. So, on August 15th we got final submissions and defined the models to be used in production.

Our choice

Our choice is a work by Linil Komban and Somnath Karande. They worked together as team and managed to create both models during the call period! Here they are:

Marya Morevna

Ivan Tsarevich

Without a doubt I can say that it was a big luck to have Linil and Somnath participating in the call – they have worked with an awesome speed, staying in touch during the whole period and highly responsive to fixing every issue. I really like the way they work and will be happy to collaborate with them again.

By the way, the latest versions of Ivan and Morevna models are always available in our repository under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Honorable mentions

Although the main two models are chosen, I want to mention two other awesome submissions, that really deserve to get their fame too:

Ivan by Erik Castillo

Download (3.1 Mb)

Morevna by Eric Lopez

Download (3.2 Mb)

Note: All works provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

What else can I say? It was a great month, full of great discoveries, amazing events and most importantly – with awesome results. My big thanks to all participants – I was happy to work with you all. Thank you! ^__^

What’s next

You could notice that the images of the main models are Freestyle-enabled rendering without any colors. Right now we have draft black-and-white textures – that’s why some lines may look ugly. The next step is to vectorize texture drafts in Synfig and apply the colorcharts. That will make 3D models to inherit the colors from the main colorchart files in the same way as this is done for 2D shots. And Remake will make sure that textures will stay up to date when colorchart is changed.

Also, as you might guess, now we seriously going to migrate for Freestyle-enabled Blender. I need to prepare Freestyle-enabled Blender builds to allow other project participants painlessly install it and build the project sources in the same way as I am.

For standard Blender packages I used to take official binaries from blender.org and bundle them into rpms and debs. But if I want freestyle features, then I need to arrange all compile procedures by myself. That’s going to take some time. (And yes, I can’t use prebuild binaries from graphicall.org, because they have no ffmpeg features enabled). Time to shook the dust from my build scripts. Eh, where are my chroots?

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  1. It felt Awesome to work with the morevnaprojet. I hope we will collaborate with you again.

    Thank you For inviting all the 3D Artist and giving us the opportunity to take part in morevana project.

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