OpenToonz package for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and other Linux


Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any  Linux distro. The package is in AppIamge format – just download, make it executable and run!

Your (optional) donations via download page will be used to improve Linux build of OpenToonz. Enjoy!

Download now

Read more about AppImage package format on the website of David Revoy

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  1. the plastic tools for create mesh and after bones the opentonz crash existe a god way for not crashed for de bones in the plastic tools??

  2. Guys, thanks for the package. In the other hand, I got an Issue, there’s no audio scrubbing, if you got an idea of how could I make it work I would gladle aprreciate it, I’m using fedora 24. Thanks!

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    • Please get the latest version from the download location – although it have 1.1.1 in filename, it is real 1.1.2. This is because we forgot to change version number in our scripts. The next build will have correct version in filename. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to resolve sound issues yet.

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