OpenToonz package for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and other Linux


Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any  Linux distro. The package is in AppImage format – just download, make it executable and run!

Your (optional) donations via download page will be used to improve Linux build of OpenToonz. Enjoy!

Download now

Read more about AppImage package format on the website of David Revoy

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  1. the plastic tools for create mesh and after bones the opentonz crash existe a god way for not crashed for de bones in the plastic tools??

  2. Guys, thanks for the package. In the other hand, I got an Issue, there’s no audio scrubbing, if you got an idea of how could I make it work I would gladle aprreciate it, I’m using fedora 24. Thanks!

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    • Please get the latest version from the download location – although it have 1.1.1 in filename, it is real 1.1.2. This is because we forgot to change version number in our scripts. The next build will have correct version in filename. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to resolve sound issues yet.

  5. Hi guys, great effort. I’m testing your build on Ubuntu 14.04LTS, and I’m very impressed. The main issue I found is with the exporting, where parts animated with plastic tool are rendered incorrectly, with several positions superimposed on the same frame and background artifacts. parts animated with simple rotation or translation are rendered correctly.

  6. So excited for this. I just downloaded 1.1.2 on Linux and it’s pretty solid. The only real issue I’m having is that it seems to have issues communicating with my Intuos Pro. Doing things like right-clicking to navigate a menu of options, using the pinch tool, and shift-selecting to choose multiple levels don’t seem to work. They work fine using my mouse, but my tablet doesn’t register.

      • I’ve figured out the issues with the tablet (user error). I have found a MAJOR issue, however. I get all sorts of problems trying to import .psd files that I create in Krita. Because Opentoonz doesn’t have much in the way of brushes, I prefer Krita to create my backgrounds and save them as .psd files. That way, I can play around with OpenToonz’s camera and parallax features. When I try to import them into OpenToonz, I get an error saying “Layer ID not exists.” I even tried loading a single layer at a time, which works, but the layers are different sizes and off-center. Please help!

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    • Hello Francesco! The build with MyPaint brushes feature is pretty much consistent with the latest commits in official version OpenToonz. We have temporary suspended regular nightly builds because currently it’s a bit hard to maintain both branches at the same time. We will be updating version with MyPaint feature manually according to the status of official version OpenToonz.

    • Yes, this is a known problem and it is related with videocard driver. I have no antialiasing on Intel card (native OS drivers), but with the same build antialiasing works fine on other machine with NVidia card (proprietary driver). As our developer (Ivan) suggests, installing official Intel drivers from Intel website could solve the problem, but I didn’t tested that yet.

  8. I love this software but everytime I make a mesh with the plastic tool it crashes without warning.

          • Great suggestion, but it stills crashes when going from build skeleton to animate in the drop down mode menu.

          • I am actually surprised you have this problem on Linux. I experienced this problem once on Windows machine and thought it was Windows-specific bug.

            Anyway, back to resolving. Please let me know the full filename of appimage you use. Also, I need to know a model of your videocard and if you are using proprietary drivers or native Linux ones.

          • I am using an Nvidia Geforce9400. The driver is nvidia-340.102-ubuntu0.16.041. The app image is Opentoonz-1.1.3-mypaint-2017.06.15-linux-64bit.appimage. Should I give the 32-bit version a try?

          • Unfortunately, 32bit version won’t work on 64bit Linux. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with my Intel videocard. Will try with Nvidia card in the studio today.

        • I have tested with Nvidia card on studio workstation and still unable to reproduce the problem. My configuration is Nvidia GTX 560Ti, proprietary driver version 370.28. There are two possibilities here:
          1. Something in the user settings.
          2. Something wrong with driver.
          To check the possibility #1, please create a new linux user, login as this user and check if crash will happen.

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