New bounty: Krita Assistant Tool in OpenToonz

A few weeks ago our hired developer Ivan Mahonin finished basic implementation of MyPaint brushes for OpenToonz and his changes got included into official version (though, not officially released yet). After that many people ask us – what is going to be next major feature he plans to work on? Recently we’ve got a new […]

MyPaint brushes in OpenToonz? Here goes a bounty!

If you already tried to use OpenToonz, then you probably noticed that its bitmap drawing capabilities are pretty limited. This is why, despite of its feature-rich animation toolkit, OpenToonz cannot (yet) act as replacement of Krita in the area of frame-by-frame animation. Several people pointed out, that it would be awesome to integrate MyPaint brushes […]

How to use OpenToonz CLI

Did you know that OpenToonz have CLI tools? CLI stands for “command-line interface” and it might happen to be a big help to automate your tasks. Let me introduce you: “tcleanup”, “tcomposer”, “tconverter”, “tfarmcontroller” and “tfarmserver”. If you compile OpenToonz from source, then CLI tools are installed to your system as separate binary files. But […]

OpenToonz builds updated

The new builds of OpenToonz for Linux are available for download now! With this update you will get an improved compatibility with various Linux distros (including support for 32bit architectures). So, if earlier package didn’t worked for you – it worth to give it a second try! Also, the new builds includes some basic desktop […]

OpenToonz package for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and other Linux

Looking for an easy way to run latest OpenToonz on your Linux? It is here! We have made a special build of OpenToonz, that run on any  Linux distro. The package is in AppImage format – just download, make it executable and run! Your (optional) donations via download page will be used to improve Linux […]

OpenToonz released!

DWANGO Co., Ltd. released Open Toonz – the free and open-source version of Toonz animation software, which is famous as the main digital animation tool of Studio Ghibli and Futurama! The package is available as binary download for Windows and OSX. The source code is available at GitHub under the New BSD License. Visit  OpenToonz homepage This […]

Toonz goes open-source?

This one made me check that it isn’t 1st of April today. No, it’s obviously not. So, here’s how it is: Toonz animation software is announced to be released as open-source! Toonz is a 2D animation software developed by Digital Video S.p.A., used in production by Studio Ghibli (Japan) and Melnitsa Animation (Russia). The decision […]