Progress Report #28 – Digging with OpenToonz code

In previous report I have mentioned that I am doing some small improvements for OpenToonz.

My intention is to make some improvements to make it more user-friendly, according to our usage experience during production of Morevna Episode 2. This is actually the same thing I did for Synfig when I was producing Morevna Demo and Episodes 3 & 4.

Another idea I would like to get done as part of production of Morevna Episode 2 is to implement a major feature for OpenToonz, which will allow to use it for animation planning and pre-production – an Editing Table.

To understand what I am talking about take a look at the similar feature in TVPaint:

This feature will allow fast creation of storyboards and animatics in OpenToonz, with a smooth transition from pre-production to production.

This will also make OpenToonz a kind of replacement for WonderUnit’s Storyboarder (which is open-source, but not actually free software).

At the moment I am still at phase of research, but some first results are already promising. In fact, OpenToonz has a lot of functionality already prepared for such feature.

I plan to start on implementing this feature during one of my streams. Will keep you updated about the progress.

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  1. This makes sense. Plus, it can make OT a great alternative to TVPaint. I have both, so I know. Both applications are great, but I like free. Thanks for your contribution to the FOSS animation community. Kudos!

  2. Please mail me whenever there’s a beta with the storyboard, animatic or project scene organiser. I would like for follow the development, and perhaps pitch in!! I’ve been wanting this in OT for so long. I know that Divideo has said that they were open for the idea of letting their story planner go opensource. But awaits for Dwango to turn an interest towards that. That’s almost two years for now, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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