Progress Report #28 – Digging with OpenToonz code

In previous report I have mentioned that I am doing some small improvements for OpenToonz.

My intention is to make some improvements to make it more user-friendly, according to our usage experience during production of Morevna Episode 2. This is actually the same thing I did for Synfig when I was producing Morevna Demo and Episodes 3 & 4.

Another idea I would like to get done as part of production of Morevna Episode 2 is to implement a major feature for OpenToonz, which will allow to use it for animation planning and pre-production – an Editing Table.

To understand what I am talking about take a look at the similar feature in TVPaint:

This feature will allow fast creation of storyboards and animatics in OpenToonz, with a smooth transition from pre-production to production.

This will also make OpenToonz a kind of replacement for WonderUnit’s Storyboarder (which is open-source, but not actually free software).

At the moment I am still at phase of research, but some first results are already promising. In fact, OpenToonz has a lot of functionality already prepared for such feature.

I plan to start on implementing this feature during one of my streams. Will keep you updated about the progress.

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  1. This makes sense. Plus, it can make OT a great alternative to TVPaint. I have both, so I know. Both applications are great, but I like free. Thanks for your contribution to the FOSS animation community. Kudos!

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