OpenToonz Morevna Edition 1.4.0 released

I am happy to announce the release of OpenToonz Morevna Edition version 1.4.0!

This version includes all features of official OpenToonz version 1.4.0 (see release notes) + Krita-like assistants and Advanced color selector.

Note: I do not mention any other features of Morevna Edition, as they are already a part of official version since 1.4.0.

Also, this version includes some fixes/improvements from official repository of OpenToonz, made after 1.4.0 release:

Note: This version doesn’t includes support for DSLR cameras. Please consider to use official version if you need DSLR capture.

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9 Responses

  1. hello.
    I was using opentoonz and testing the plugins but do not seem to load.
    It compile them without error.

    They know without they work with the appimage?

    update stuff
    plugin search directory:/home/user/.config/OpenToonz/stuff/plugins
    walkDirectory_: /home/user/.config/OpenToonz/stuff/plugins
    doLoad handle:(nil) path:/home/user/.config/OpenToonz/stuff/plugins/blur.plugin

  2. Hi!
    You guys are doing an awesome job!

    I have always been wondering when and if OT will ever have an OBJ import function so we can import models from Blender into OT. So far, can only do animations in Blender and export into OT as PNG image sequences, right?

    1. Importing obj would not be very practical. opentoonz only uses 3D for parallax. You should export freestyle an SVG sequence and import it as x-sheet

  3. OpenToonz Morevna Edition 1.4.0 not working on my window 7 32 bit, after installation i open it from shortcut icon then this software open with a window pop-up message that say “program/software stop working” and then it close opentoonz start screen, is it any way to fixed it?

  4. Hi thanks a lot for the amazing work you put into this,I am currently using a 32 bit computer and its really difficult to find an animation software for 32bit systems, I was really happy when I came upon ur software however when ever I try the bucket fill it crashes everytime

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