Creating animation with free software

Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production. As part of those activities we documenting the developed workflows and approaches to help others learn from our practices and publishing results of production as free content.

Open-source anime made with free software

How to create animation with free software

Free-licensed reusable content library

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We believe that the process of creating animation is no less interesting than its result. This is why we put a lot of efforts into documenting our production process. Check out the latest news below.


Presentation of Morevna Project for Russian crowdfunding

Here’s a pitch video for our Russian crowdfunding campaign, that we have started the other week. The campaign is launched to produce the high-quality Russian soundtrack for upcoming episode, which will be done in collaboration with “Reanimedia Ltd.” In the pitch video you can see some fragments of upcoming episode, as well as other behind-the-scenes […]


Free Software Humanization

A little secret about Anastasia Majzhegisheva. In her spare time she is working on a mini-animation about Morevna Project. As part of this work she did a human representation of our software tools. Check them out below!

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