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How do we deal with spoilers?

So, we are driving an open-source animation project. What does this means? All sources are published when the final work is released. OK, that’s simple. But we also trying to cover the production process itself by publishing the in-progress data. And here comes the question: how much of this work-in-progress should we share? Answering this question is not that simple, because of, you know… SPOILERS. From one hand, we love to share a pieces of our in-production data. On the other hand, we really would like to keep our viewers intrigued until the last minute. Hard choice! deal-with-spoilers But we have come to a very simple solution. The following schema will take place:
  • The content that classified as containing spoilers is published on the website, but hidden (locked) from the public view.
  • When the new episode is released, all hidden content related to it becomes publicly visible.
  • On our Patreon page we have introduced a new category of supporters – Premium Patrons. Premium Patrons have a special privilege for an early access to the hidden content before the release.
Below you can see how the hidden content will appear on our website.

In-Production Content

This content is temporary hidden from public and available for our Premium Patrons only. If you are Premium Patron, please sign in to view.

List of posts with hidden content:

Episode 3

Morevna release delayed

Dear friends! As you probably remember, we have promised to release new episode of Morevna in the first half of 2016. Unfortunately, due to the major funding problems we are unable to handle all development

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Episode 3

Production Report #14: Thumbnail grid

So much things happening in the project, so many to write about, but the deadlines are approaching and my time is so limited those days. So, just to let you know how the project is

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Episode 3

Production Report #13

Our project hit an important milestone: we have completely migrated to Cobra – the new optimized rendering engine of Synfig. During last weeks we have used it to do all our work on animation, without

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Episode 3

Production Report #12

Here goes another quick update about production of new episode of Morevna. Things moving fast! In the previous report I have mentioned 50+ new shots added to the scene of Koschei’s resurrection. Good news here

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Episode 3

Production Report #11

A quick update about the upcoming Morevna episode. Here is a production chart, illustrating our progress. If you compare this chart with the last one, you might notice that the value for “Artwork” is decreased.

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    1. Hello, Antonio!

      First of all, thank you for supporting our project as a Patron!

      Last time our troubles were related to soundtrack choice, which was absolutely my fault. It isn’t related to the approach described above.

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