How do we deal with spoilers?

So, we are driving an open-source animation project. What does this means? All sources are published when the final work is released. OK, that’s simple. But we also trying to cover the production process itself by publishing the in-progress data. And here comes the question: how much of this work-in-progress should we share? Answering this question […]

Morevna Project got a Patreon page

I am happy to announce that Morevna Project have a Patreon page now! If you like our work, then you can support us by providing the small monthly payments through the Patreon platform. Here’s a quick video explaining how Patreon works: The money collected through our Patreon page will go directly to Morevna Project and […]

Production Report #1

It’s already more than a month passed by since we started to work on the new episode, and now it’s time to give a first report about the current status. If you follow our blog, then I’m sure you already noticed the work of Nikolai and Anastasia on the concept design for the main characters. […]