Anastasia leaves the project

Today our lead artist Anastasia Mayzhegisheva announced that she is leaving Morevna Project.

Anastasia has discussed this with me a few days earlier and today made a final decision. She pointed that she is stressed to combine the work on the project with her studies in college and feels complete burnout about the project. She is leaving for undefined period (possibly forever) to concentrate on her studies and graduation work, which is taking place next year.

From my side I completely understand her feelings and situation. I am grateful so much to Anastasia, for all the incredible work she put into Morevna Project during all 7 (!) years of her participation. It is hard to underestimate the contribution and that was an awesome time for the project!

Still, deep inside I am happy for Anastasia’s decision to take a break, because I saw by myself her situation and noticed her burnout. I understand that possibly she might not return and I know how hard for her it was – to make this decision. But I believe that achieving a peace of mind is more important than anything, so I think she did a right thing.

And what about the project?

I will continue working on my own. In last months I was busy with improving infrastructure of the project so much and there are a lot of things remaining.

During that period Anastasia made a lot of work, which is waiting for my attention. So, I have a lot of stuff to do with what we already have.

A pile of Anastasia’s sketchbooks and artwork made for Morevna.

Before her leaving, Anastasia completed a storyboards for two (yes, two!) new episodes, we’ve got literally hundreds of sketches from her, she made concept developments for many characters and there are also some full-featured artworks that were not published yet due to lack of time.

A page from storyboard for not-yet-announced episode

So, there is an impressive amount of work remaining on top of what Anastasia already did and it is waiting for my attention.

Also, I plan to put a special focus on producing educational content about open-source animation technologies, which we developed for past years. More on this in one of my following posts.

So, we’ll keep moving.

And, by the way, today is the day when Morevna Project turns 12!

Happy Birthday, Morevna Project!

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8 Responses

  1. Sad news on some hand, but if it’s for the best interest of someone’s health and personal life, then that was the right thing to do.

    Thank you so much Anastasia for all those years of dedication. Good luck with your future life!

  2. I didn’t realize there was so much additional art. There is a ton! We all wish Anastasia, you and Morevna project the best.

  3. Thank you Anastasia for all the contributions done! I know how much time drawing and art require and how easy it can lead to burn-out; I hope your break will let you recover quickly and continue beautiful projects.
    Konstantin, good luck for starting the 13th year of the project! I’ll keep following.

  4. Good luck to Anastasia! Prioritizing her health and college degree is definitely the good decision 🙂 I wish her success in her endeavors, and I wish you Konstantin to keep the motivation going for the project. Cheers!

  5. That’s very sad, but I truly understand. I have followed the project from the very beginning and her sketches and designs are truly amazing.

    Good Luck, Anastasia!

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