Two instead of one


Dear friends! It’s time for some terrific announcement.

We have two episodes in production instead of one.

How come? Here’s the full story.

As you probably remember, initially the planned duration within screenplay was 7 minutes. As of animatic development the actual length have grown to 13 minutes. In December 2016, right after my meeting with our sound director Alexander Filchenko, we have decided to rework the scenes related to revival of main villain – Koschei The Deathless. As result, the episode length has grown to 17 minutes.

And then come the change. On 13th of March  2016, during the regular preview session at our studio, we’ve got a bad feedback about the overall dynamic of the episode. As a solution it was decided to split the current episode of 17 minutes into two – 11 minutes each (yes, such arithmetic is possible in the movie world).

Since then we’ve been maintaining two parallel edits – the old, merged (the one that you saw in our production reports) and the new, separated one. Our premium patrons can see the last production snapshots for separated version below.

In-Production Content

This content is temporary hidden from public and available for our Premium Patrons only. If you are Premium Patron, please sign in to view.

So, what we will get released this month?

This month we will release one episode with a total duration of 11 minutes. This is not differ too much from our initial plans to have episode of 7-13 minutes. In addition to that we already have one more episode in the middle of production and also a 3D teaser.

What about voicing?

The decision about the split was made after the work on voicing was started. So we have professional voicing for both episodes ready.

What about rewards for Russian crowdfunding?

For the people who supported our Russian crowdfunding for professional voicing, the requested rewards will be extended for both episodes, i.e.:

  • “Mention in the credits” reward – credit will take place in both episodes.
  • “Mention on the website” reward – your name will appear on dedicated pages of both episodes.
  • “Get episode one week earlier before the release” reward – you will get both episodes one week earlier before the official release of each.

What about production data and spoilers?

After releasing the episode we will release full its sources. According to the rules, after episode release the hidden production content (i.e. production snapshots) also should become public. But in this case, some of this content includes some data from not-yet-released episode. Those chunks will remain hidden until the episode will be finished.

That’s how it is. Let’s head to the release now!


Our production and development activities are funded by community of patrons giving monthly pledges through our Patreon page. My special thanks to our new patrons – Gabriel, Kevin Wilcoxon, John Colagioia, Christopher Covington, Gregory Carlson, Pato Acevedo and Maciej Pendolski.

You can become a patron of Morevna Project too and help us do more for you. Thank you!

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