Progress Report #27 – Sunday Streams

Hi everyone! Some news about my progress.

I have started working on animatic for Morevna Episode 2. By the moment got first 30 shots done.

For animatic I am using OpenToonz. The process is completely open for public – I am doing test streams and uploading them on YouTube. You can watch them here:

Also, during streams I am making some small improvements for OpenToonz. My intention is to show people how it is possible to dig into unknown code, find its logic and make changes you want. Not sure how much this will be useful, but this is interesting experience anyway.

The streams take place every Sunday at 10:00 GMT. Previously I was streaming through Russian VK platform, just to make a test how it feel like. It turned to be fun, so I plan to make next streams directly on our YouTube channel. Come and join me, if you like. ^__^

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