Automatic tweening in OpenToonz (stroke-by-stroke)

This quick tutorial shows how to create automatic animation in OpenToonz using stroke-by-stroke method.

In short: make sure that you have a sequence of vector frames (or, create an empty one). Then switch to Brush Tool. On Tool Options Panel you will see a “Range” dropdown – change it to anything other than “Off” (obvious hint: it will define interpolation that will be used for tweening).

Important note: This feature requires OpenToonz 1.2.0 or higher.

Download OpenToonz (Morevna Edition)
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  1. In my setup, Ubuntu 16.04.3 with a intel i5 3rd gen its have some bugs. I can’t use the right mouse button in the table area and every draw completely erases the past draw. :/ In the the right button doesn’t work either. I’m currently using 1.1.3

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