Krita Assistants in OpenToonz – Funded!

I am happy to announce that bounty for implementing Krita Assistant Tool in OpenToonz is 100% funded now! And that means our hired developer Ivan Mahonin is starting to work on this feature.

Much thanks to everyone who contributed  to this bounty and thus helped to make a better free software to everyone!

The bounty was started by Skyler Madison (aka OrphanLast) who is famous for his regular video blog posts about OpenToonz. With continuous persistence he was pushing this bounty to success and contributed more than half of its total amount.

While our developer is working on implementing this task, OrphanLast is already planning next two (!) bounties. You can learn more from his twitter feed for more details.

Finally, last thing to mention is that we are preparing to release a new version of OpenToonz Morevna Edition in the next few days. Of course it will not have Krita Assistant Tool feature yet, but you can expect some other interesting features. But this is a topic for another post. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey morevnaproject !

    Out of curiosity…

    And about some features of QCAD or pencil ?

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