“Mary and Witch Flower” anime movie made with OpenToonz opensource software

For the first time of its existence as open-source tool, OpenToonz got used in production of full-featured anime movie – it was announced that it was used as part of the production of director Hiromichi Yonbayashi ‘s latest work “Mary and Witch Flower” (Studio Ponoc Production) which was released on July 8, 2017.

Official website of the movie: http://www.maryflower.jp/

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As outlined on official website of DWANGO, OpenToonz was used for inking and coloring scanned artwork, produced by traditional cell artists. The coloring process is automatized, which allows to easily maintain color consistency and do inking for multiple frames at once.

Editing window on OpenToonz.

Also, OpenToonz was used for special effects and compositing. For example, the Soap Bubble effect, was specially developed for this project by Shun Iwasawa (maintainer of official version of OpenToonz).

Completed Scene. ©2017 M.F.P

The Soap Bubble effect is a part of OpenToonz since version 1.1.3. This effect generates thin film interference colors from two reference images – the Shape and the Thickness. More information about the effect can be found here.

Download OpenToonz

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  1. Hello morevna project.
    I have a problem whit the new version of opentoonz for GNU/linux specificity Archlinux. The problem is the workspace its so big incluides the icons and informations. I can’t work confortable whit many BIG icons. How i make a solution?
    What do i can do? How i can send a sceenshot to your?

  2. Wow, great notice 🙂

    I have one question: do you think add in the future compatibility with Papagayo? You know, that facility the lip-sync process in Open Toonz

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