Two instead of one

Dear friends! It’s time for some terrific announcement. We have two episodes in production instead of one. How come? Here’s the full story.

Production Report #4

Hey, it’s been awhile since the last production report and finally I have time to write a new one!  Lots of things to talk about, but here I will try to hold myself and concentrate on the main production. As I have announced earlier, our main priority during last months was the new version of […]

Production Report #3

Hello everyone! It’s time for another production update. But first, let me welcome new Patrons who joined our Patreon page: Thomas Daede, Terry Hancock, Noble Hays – thank you for supporting Morevna Project! OK, so what we’ve got for the past two weeks? Oh, yeah – we’ve been busy! First of all, we have finally […]

Production Report #2: Between storyboard and animatic

Hello, everyone! It’s time for the second production report about our progress on the new Morevna episode. Two weeks ago we have made an important step for the project by launching our Patreon page. And here I would like to welcome our first Patrons: Notklaatu, David Revoy, Yalyn Vinkindo, Arne Brix, Nicholas J Reed, Antonio […]