Screenplay for Remake of Morevna Episode 3

When Vera Zamkovaya started working on Remake of Morevna Episode 3, I decided to use this occasion to do a screenplay for her project. Reason for that: since the release of original Episode 3 I have accumulated quite a few ideas on how to improve the story, so the remake turned to be a great chance to put them on paper.

So, I did a complete rewrite and the result is now available on GitHub. It is in Russian and if someone wants to contribute English translation – don’t hesitate to send a Pull Request.

In fact, there are a lot of changes in the screenplay and I am happy about that – beyond the different visual look, viewers of remake can enjoy different story twists. The rewrite turned to be a merge of events of original Episode 3 and Episode 4 – this is how Episode 3 initially was planned back in 2015, when we just started working on it, but due to changes made during production it has grown too big and got separated in two episodes. Still, the rewritten screenplay for Episode 3 Remake is different from original version of 2015, as it includes all my recent story developments and ideas.

Technical details (how to work with the screenplay)

You might notice that we use Fountain format to store screenplay on GitHub. This is done for obvious reason to simplify version control.

For writing and editing screenplay I use KIT Scenarist opensource tool. This is a great app, which simplifies writing screenplay so much!

Although KIT Scenarist uses his own (binary) file format for storing screenplay, it can easily import and export Fountain format, so there are no problems with that.

Loading screenplay in Fountain format is simple – just create a new project and then choose “File” – “Import” from menu. Select file of screenplay and make sure to choose “Replace scenario” option.

When you finish editing you can export back to Fountain by choosing “File” – “Export”. Just make sure to disable “Scene numbers” option – when this option enabled each scene will have number and this can clutter revision history when you add new scenes or just change order of existing scenes.

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