OpenToonz (Morevna Edition) version

We’ve just released a small but important update for OpenToonz Morevna Edition. This version delivers fixes for two critical issues:

  • Fix incorrect behavior of graphic tablets. The incorrect behavior was reported by many Windows an Linux users and this turned to be related with latest changes to the tablet code. Since this part of code  requires some additional work and testing, we have reverted the  tablet code to the status of version 1.1.3.x for now.
  • Fix insensitive alpha parameter in Style Editor. In previous version we’ve got a bug which was preventing to change alpha parameter in Style Editor. This bug was related with Advanced Color Selector feature and does not affects official version of OpenToonz. It is fixed now.
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  1. Nice! Even the mesh-skeleton-building crash issue has been fixed it seems! However, now I’m experiencing a completely different issue: delayed selection / clicking of specific things if operating via tablet, such as the skeleton built via plastic tool itself for animation.

  2. I got the new version but I don’t have the advance Color Picker. Opentoonz recognizes that it is 1.2.0 .2 version

  3. excuse me , my friend has downloaded opentoonz morevna edition 32bit version, when i open it and the program close automically(crash), without any error pop up.

    here is her computer spec :
    (img) :

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