Back from festival

Last week I have spent 5 days attending the festival of children’s animation “FireBird” in Novosibirsk. We had a screening of the work done by kids under my direction and got some awards. One of the important festival events was a meeting with Plenipotentiary Presidential Representative in the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonsky. The talk […]

Weekly progress

OK, as I promised, today we delivering you new development build of Synfig studio with some new features. The changes are: Disabling keyframes. Now you can make any keyframe inactive, which means it will not influence any waypoints and not produce new ones. Disabled keyframes allow you to edit animation on different levels – just […]

Weekly progress

This week wasn’t very productive. Nikolay was mostly busy on other things, so you will not see new vectorization results. Though, we have managed to make some really neat improvements. First of all, we have made some significant impact on shot 06. I was a little worried about this shot being a little bit too […]

Weekly progress

As we are back on track now, I’m going to continue tradition with the weekly reports (like we did during the previous phase). At least I will try. ^__^ Just like before, we made a special list to track our progress: In this case there are a lot more sub-procedures in our workflow and thus […]

Some thoughts on releasing and distribution

I know it’s a little bit early for that, but people often ask me if and how are we going to publish results of Morevna Project (besides putting them online for downloading). Not much time ago my answer was a bit fuzzy – of course, when we finish the Demo, we would like to offer […]

Happy Birthday! And more…

Hello, everybody! Have you miss us? ^__^ Today is 30th of May and it’s fourth birthday of Morevna Project! Yay! One year ago I have published quite depressing report where I was ranting about situation in the project. Now, horizons are clearing, lots of things got sorted out and got in place. Let me outline […]

Keyframes finished, plans for the future

OK, I’m back from LGM and happy to announce that we have all keyframes for the Demo finished! Yes, that’s it, the hardest phase is over! *clap* *clap* *clap*  ^___^ Some statistics: In 62 days Nikolay made 154 keyframe images. It took 343 workhours for him and 184 workhours from my side (I was doing […]

Weekly progress

It’s the last days of keyframes drawing campaign and this week was especially interesting, because besides of usual drawing of Ivan and Morevna Nikolay was working on the shots where we have many new characters. They all are appear in the Demo only once or twice, but some of them will play a significant role […]

Weekly Progress

Again, I will be short. Our keyframes drawing phase is coming to an end – there’s only 9 days left. Still a lot to do, but it’s almost finished. To be honest I already can’t wait to put all those images into Synfig and see how it all will look vectorized and tweened! See latest […]

Message to our sponsors

Dear sponsors! Everyone who donated $40 or more, please take your time to look at the credits page to ensure that your name is spelled correctly. If you find a mistake please contact us. Thank you very much for your support!

Weekly progress

I will not write much today. It’s only two weeks left before deadline, so we are in hurry to finish all keyframes to the date. This week was a very productive, BTW. ^__^ Stay tuned! Latest Images


Today I want to talk a little about the ways we cheat at drawing. ^__^ When you start drawing a characters you usually have “front” and “side” concept reference images. And when you need 3/4 view at some gradation it’s always a bit tricky part. And here’s Synfig to the rescue! No, it’s not a […]