Weekly progress

This week wasn’t very productive. Nikolay was mostly busy on other things, so you will not see new vectorization results. Though, we have managed to make some really neat improvements.

First of all, we have made some significant impact on shot 06. I was a little worried about this shot being a little bit too static for my taste. This week, after another review, we have decided to draw a few “unplanned” keyframes and now it looks very cool.

Next, we started preparing the reference data for 3D models of the main characters. As you might remember, we have decided to use high-polygonal 3D models for some shots and we need someone to take on modelling them. Most probably I will post community call here and to the blendswap.com. Any other ideas where it’s worths to post a call?

Finally, as we using Synfig we continue to improve it. There’s one more feature coming and, if everything will be fine, I’m going to post results next week.

Here I want to show one typical hour of my work.

Summary of the video:

I’m preparing all drafts by converting .ora files to .jpg. It’s quite routine task and I have cut out most of it. For some reason Gimp 2.8 refuses to remember my export settings and it’s a bit annoying. On the rest I found that this version makes my work much more productive, comparing to 2.6.x.

Then I import artwork images into Synfig. I used to run Synfig Studio via debugging session in Anjuta IDE. That allows me to catch and fix errors right “on the fly”. So, right now my workflow is a combination of animation and coding work at the same time and I’m very happy about that.

When all images were imported, I realized that they are consume too much memory because of their size and thus Nikolay might have a problems with my file. So, I’m taking time to reduce resolution for draft images.

After that I encounter nasty bug which happens randomly on file close event and very hard to reproduce. With my very limited knowledge I’m trying to fix it.

And finally there goes usual stickman preparations until I get satisfied with animation results.

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