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It’s the last days of keyframes drawing campaign and this week was especially interesting, because besides of usual drawing of Ivan and Morevna Nikolay was working on the shots where we have many new characters. They all are appear in the Demo only once or twice, but some of them will play a significant role in the whole movie. So you will see a lot of new faces – Doctor-Sister with her husband Businessman, Mechanic-Sister with her husband Rocker, Rapper (who is a husband of Priestess-Sister) and musicians from the bar. Some of them more detalized, some less but still it’s been a big work. I don’t name who is who, I think it’s easy to guess by looking at the picture.

Regarding to the whole keyframes drawing process. We are on the edge of the deadline (1st of May), but we still have 2 days. It was decided to use 3D models for some long-distance shots with complex camera turns and movements (I’m referring to shots 07, 38, 41 and 53). So we have 7 keyframes left. I’m sure Nikolay will finish them in the next two days.

Keyframes production sheet (29.04.2012)

It looks like our fundraising campaign is failing. It’s 2 days left and we still have $1619 to go. Anyway, it’s awesome to see that we have done that far and we are very grateful to everyone who gave us their support! The fact that you all believe in this project make us feel so warm and we will do our best to continue with our efforts and proof that your faith is no waste. Thank you!

Tomorrow I’m taking off in my trip to Libre Graphics Meeting 2012  (2-5 May, Austria) and exactly at the 1st of May I’ll be on the road.  I’ll post the final report about the keyframes drawing and our plans for the future as soon as I will get back. And of course if some of you have a chance to be at this great event – will be happy to meet you there!

Finally, it’s been a long time since I was posting my favourite “work-in-progress” drafts. They are kind of outdated already (since all those keyframes are finished), but I won’t feel as myself if I won’t post them now. ^__^

Everyone, have exciting week!

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