Keyframes finished, plans for the future

OK, I’m back from LGM and happy to announce that we have all keyframes for the Demo finished!

Yes, that’s it, the hardest phase is over! *clap* *clap* *clap*  ^___^

Some statistics: In 62 days Nikolay made 154 keyframe images. It took 343 workhours for him and 184 workhours from my side (I was doing basic drafts and corrections – more on that here – plus administrative work).

You can find all results on the wiki.

Our fundraising campaign is failed, but we’ve raised $641 out of $2200 – and it’s not a plain zero, you know. ^_^ I’ve repaid all full promised amount to Nikolay by adding my personal funds so we have this phase closed in all means. Now it’s good time to ask a question

What’s next?

The current status of the project is that we have no enough funds to proceed with the next phase (Vectorization and Tweening). Yes, the campaign is failed. But. It’s not an amount of money what is valuable for us, but the people who really care about the project. The campaign shown that there ARE such people. And we just can’t disappoint their expectations. So what we want to do is to stick with planned schedule and try to release the Demo in November by “no-matter-what”.

Right now we want to take some break to have a breath and charge our batteries. In May we plan to dedicate our time for doing some commercial animation projects to get a basic funds for the next stage. Maybe we will run fundraising for the next phase as well, I’m not sure about that yet, but it’s clear that we need to have some basic amount to cover the expenses. In terms of creative demands, the “Vectorization and Tweening” phase is less hard than the “Keyframes drawing”, but it requires more work and resources. Well, it’s hard to explain such things… ^_^”  Ideally, as we will depend much on Synfig Studio on this phase, I also would like  to have one developer seat sponsored as well. *waves to Carlos*

So, we’re at recharging. Please don’t be surprised if we will be a little bit silent this month.  If everything turn out well, we will get back at full throttle to the Morevna Project in 9th of June. So, stay tuned, don’t bore to us! And thank you to all who supported us during the last two months! We love you! Cheers!

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  1. Congratulations!

    “Ideally, as we will depend much on Synfig Studio on this phase, I also would like to have one developer seat sponsored as well. *waves to Carlos*”

    ::blush:: ^__^

  2. >>but it requires more work and resources.

    Is it possible to ask synfig community numbers to do some of this vectorization?

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