Morevna Episode 4 released on PeerTube

11 years ago I have published first post on this blog. Today is the birthday of Morevna Project and today we are releasing new episode of Morevna! The release is available for watching at our PeerTube channel.  Happy Birthday, project!

Morevna Episode 3.0.2 released in Russian

It’s been a while since we released Morevna Episode 3.0.2 in English and French. Now, right before the release of Morevna Episode 4 (which is today), we’re finally releasing a Russian version of Episode 3.0.2. Comparing to version 3.0.1 this version has slightly-reworked video edit, some fixes for animation and some changes to soundtrack. Enjoy! […]

Release Schedule of Morevna Episode 4

Yesterday our renderfarm has rendered last frame of Morevna Episode 4 and we are ready for release! Last weeks were completely crazy, and especially last days (no sleep for 30 hours when doing final animation fixes). And all this right before our flight to Morevna Tour. Yes, that’s right – Morevna Tour!

New Poster for Morevna Episode 4

Premiere of Morevna Episode 4 for our Patrons  and sponsors of our crowdfunding campaign will take place at 05.05.2019 – approximately one month from now! Two years ago we already had a poster for new episode, but many things changed since then. So, today we are happy to share a new one with you. Here […]

Koschei 3D Model is available for free download!

After many months of work, the model of Koschei The Deathless is finally finished and we are publishing it for free download! You can use it for free in any projects (even commercial ones) under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Hint: just click the button below and enter “0” (zero) into the […]

Production Report #24

Here goes a quick summary of our progress for January 2019. Nikolai Mamashev finished 3D model of our main villain – Koschei the Deathless. The model is completely textured, rigged and ready for usage. Despite of the fact that this character is a robot, the model is capable to do very flexible face expressions. You […]

Morevna Evening

Artwork by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva. Painted in Krita. License: CC-BY. Download source KRA file

Chibi Characters (icons)

We are in the process of improving our rewards system on Patreon, so I have asked Anastasia to draw some icons for each reward. Here’s what she did!

Production Report #23

It’s been a long silence. Last months our team have been finishing a big commercial project (more details on this later), so I had no time to write anything. Still, if you followed our Patreon posts, then you probably saw a lot of things happening in Morevna production. So, let’s summarize what’s have been done! […]

Morevna Episode 4: Release date defined

Okay, everyone, we have worked hard for the past months and I guess you all waiting for my next production report. But today I have something really tasty for you – two exciting announcements! 1. We’ve got Nikolai Mamashev back to the project! Yeah, Nikolai who is famous as director and animator Pepper & Carrot […]

Ink artwork – Morevna

Since it is not Inktober, that probably can be called SeptINKber. Artwork by Anastasia Mayzhegisheva.