Production Report #32

Good day to everyone! Anastasia Maizhegisheva, the main artist of the Morevna Project, is here.

From the beginning of September, before starting work on the animation for the next episode of Morevna, we decided to draw it as a comic first. It gave us the opportunity to rethink some of the events in the screenplay and work on the visual storytelling! And the graphics from the comic will be used further in animation. This approach is very similar to the one we use during production of Pepper&Carrot (with the difference that now we are drawing all artwork ourselves). 

To start with, I’ve made small sketches to quickly capture the idea of how the events will go and how the frames will be set on pages. I experimented a lot and had a lot of fun at this stage! 😀

But the experiments didn’t stop there! After the small sketches were approved by the director, I started to draw a bit more detailed version and improve the sketches themselves in order to accurately determine the order of frames and their readability.

I have done detailed sketches for the first half of the story, but it’s already clear that it will need some more polishing. Therefore, see you in a new report at the end of October!

Oh! And one more thing – we have set up a Telegram channel for the news of Morevna Production – ! Subscribe to be the very first to know the latest news 🙂

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