Production Report #33

What’s poppin’ friends? Anastasia Mayzhegisheva (the lead artist of the project) is in touch.

If you’ve been following the project reports, you’ll already know that we’ve started producing a comic for the next episode of Morevna series. The comic is still at the rough draft stage at the moment, where we are working on sketches of future pages.

When drawing new sketches, new ideas arise on how to illustrate this or that. Because of this, a very funny “working search” paradox happens. Let me explain what I mean. For example, something comes into my mind or the director’s, we start to think through the details, add something and vice versa, then we redo the new idea 3-4 times, and after that we return to the original source, but with a bunch of improvements! Despite the fact that this path is sometimes long and painstaking, but I think it is worth the time spent.

The main thing is not to be afraid to try and experiment, experiment a lot! (somewhere in the corner an artist is crying, burning tons of sketches that will not be included in the episode) 😀

Well, here is one version of the development of the scene “fight with Pilat” as an example.

Here we tried an idea, the essence of which is that Ivan has some kind of super ability with which he invades and controls the mind of an enemy, but it only works if the person has tattoos, since a tattoo is a defect on the body, which weakens the bio-field of the character. But soon we abandoned this idea, because according to the plot, Ivan will no longer use this ability, then why include it in at all?

Well, we had discarded this idea, then how can Ivan defeat Pilat? And then the director said that Ivan equipped his car with a rocket launcher (oh, these mechanics, what they just don’t have in their cars!..)

What has come out of it you can see in the pictures below.

And since we are talking about transport, we should not forget about Marya Morevna’s motorcycle. Here’s how the work on the development of its concept is going.

As a result, we’ve got a WOLF-BIKE! Morevna on a gray wolfie :3

Another “thing-for-rework” is the concept of Pilat, mainly his exoskeleton. This is not the final look yet, it still needs to be worked on.

That’s all for today. Thank you very much for your attention, dear friends! See you in the future reports! \( ̄▽ ̄)/

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