Morevna’s Castle concept by Vera Zamkovaya

Vera Zamkovaya is working on storyboard for her Morevna Remake. In parallel she is also developing concepts for main locations. Here you can see step-by-step development for Morevna’s castle.

Concepts by Vera Zamkovaya

Finally I have something for your joy! Let’s welcome Vera Zamkovaya – a young artist with a passion for animation. She started contributing to our project to improve her animation skills and her goal is to create remake of Morevna Episode 3 in her own original style. More artwork is coming soon!

Morevna Episode 4 in French

French dub of Morevna Episode 4 will be released by Touhoppai team today. Come and join the premiere on YouTube at 15:30 GMT! (I’ll be there too)

Progress Report #27 – Sunday Streams

Hi everyone! Some news about my progress. I have started working on animatic for Morevna Episode 2. By the moment got first 30 shots done. For animatic I am using OpenToonz. The process is completely open for public – I am doing test streams and uploading them on YouTube. You can watch them here: Also, […]

How to work with sources of Morevna Episode 4

1. Software To work with sources of Morevna Episode 4 you need the following software installed: RenderChan. Synfig (version 1.3.14 or above). Blender (version 2.79). Krita (version 4.2.7 or above). Papagayo (only if you want to edit lipsync PGO files). Make sure to have all mentioned tools are available in your system PATH. 2. Downloading […]