Vera’s internship

On June 22nd Vera Zamkovaya (you might remember her from my earlier posts) arrived in Gorno-Altaisk to take an internship at our studio. She had been working with us till July 17th and then returned to her homeland.

As part of the internship she has been improving her animation skills in OpenToonz and continued her work on Remake of Morevna Episode 3. Other members of our team also joined her efforts. In the video below you can see some working moments.

During the days of internship Vera made really good progress on the Remake and some draft scenes ended up in her demo reel, which we made in the end.

Now Vera is back home and will take some break from working on Remake for the next few weeks, because she has to focus on freelance work. So, if you need some nice-looking animation made in OpenToonz and wish to support a young animator – she is open for orders here. ^__^

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