Drawing, drawing, drawing…

One image instead of thousand words. And everyone knows that I love posting “work-in-progress” drafts. ^__^

Morevna Banners

I would like to thank everyone who donating to our keyframes drawing campaign – thank you for believing in us! We are encourage everyone to share information about the donation campaign we running and for that purpose we have prepared a few banners (below). If you have a website suitable to place any of them […]

Soldier Model

Meanwhile Nikolay struggle with keyframes, Erik Castillo has finished the promised 3D model of soldier. I was a little worried about the lack of such model, because we need it in shot 35 for keyframes drawing (this is a very complex shot where the soldiers are thrown into the air). Luckily Erik did best to […]

Keyframes drawing workflow

Today I want to write a little about our keyframes drawing workflow.  The described workflow is not something that we come up at once, but this is something that formed up spontaneously during the last week. Nikolay uses MyPaint to draw the keyframes and some edits are done in GIMP or Krita. Thanks to the […]

Weekly news

OK, the main event of this week is the official launch of donations campaign. It took much of my time to prepare it, but I think it worth the efforts. With that event the project enters new phase – keyframes drawing – and since the 1st of March Nikolay is working on them. And here’s […]

Donation campaign is launched!

OK, today is the 1st of March and that means 2 things: Nikolay proceeds to drawing keyframes and we are officially launching the donation campaign. Please spread a word and help us to reach the goal! Read more…


Damn, I just can’t handle myself! I never had such fun collaborating on drawings!

Weekly news

Ok, folks, guess what I have for you? That’s right – the demo snapshot! It’s just few days left before the project will be to be kicked to the new phase, so it’s good time to publish things like that. ^__^ But that’s not all! This week Nikolay finally got his Cintiq tablet arrived and […]

The choice is made

After two weeks of trying, searching and discussions the keyframer artist is finally chosen. This will be Nikolay Mamashev – he is ready to redraw all keyframes of Morevna Project Demo in two months. Decision is final and won’t be changed. Congratulations! ^_^ Personally I’m glad about this choice, because I know Nikolay as very […]

Blender and Freestyle

Erik Castillo is working on the 3D soldier model. And he did the first renders using the Freestyle rendering engine. That made me seriously think about migrating to Freestyle-enabled Blender builds. The  Blender 2.62 is out few days ago and we already tested our repositories for compatibility. The tests show almost no issues – much respect […]