Travelling Man by Ted Ollikkala & United Progressive Fraternity

Ted Ollikkala published a music video show, featuring Morevna Demo together with other creative-commons works as footage.  The video is made for “United Progressive Fraternity” music band and personally I am already fan of their music. It is great to see derivative work made with the content of Morevna Project!

Morevna Project Demo exhibited in London’s Gallery West

From 15 April 2016 to 22 April 2016 “Morevna Project Demo” is exhibited at Gallery West (London), together with many other works created and born by free software. The first of its kind in the UK, the exhibition offers a unique view of the culture behind open source practices, documenting and describing the activities of […]

License issues of Morevna Project Demo

Lately I started to receive requests for permission to use screenshots from Morevna Project Demo on various resources like Wikipedia and others. And it looks like the best is to publicly clarify the situation here one more time, so people can use this post as a reference. Initially, all visuals of Morevna Project Demo (artwork, […]

Interview #1 @ FSCONS (Russian)

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Hi! Here’s another post for our Russian-speaking audience. This is my interview given to Julia Velkova at FSCONS in the day right after the release of Morevna Project Demo. It turned out to be “anything-going” talk about Synfig, opensource, animation and of course Morevna Project.

Something fun to remember

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Here’s some Behind-The-Scenes video for our past Donations Campaign. Wanted to publish it for a long time. I guess watching this makes sense for our Russian-speaking audience only. But well, anyway. ^__^

Making of Morevna Demo

When preparing my talk for FSCONS, I planned to make it a journey into the project history. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep it within the time limit and that made me felt unsatisfied. This is why I’ve decided to write all my thoughts on that into a separate blog post here. Also it’s a […]

The Demo is released!

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Here it is! Enjoy, everyone! The video is provided under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Download: 960×540 (h.264) | 1920×1080 (h.264) | Torrent (all files) Say “Thank You” If you like our work, you can say “Thank You” by paying any amount you want. Your […]


( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) The project files are sent to final rendering! Now all we have to do is wait. (Sorry for photo quality, I don’t have anything better at the moment. And yes, I have to connect it to some AC now.) UPDATE 1: Connected to AC power source now. UPDATE […]

Film Poster

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) It’s two days left before the release and we finally have a poster now! Please help us spread a word about the online premiere and screening event at FSCONS! Join us at Facebook and Google+ to help get a word out. Thank you!

Interview with vectorization competition winner

I know it’s much time passed by, but I hope you remember Vectorization Competition  that we held at Morevna Project from June to September. We have announced the results and the absolute winner – Jcome, but in fact that wasn’t the end of the story. We have prepared a little reward for the winner – […]

Weekly progress

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Ok, here are some quick and hot news from the past week. Nikolay successfully finished overpaints for the last backgrounds. Now we have all backgrounds completely finished. Also, he took a chance to redraw some keyframes that we were not satisfied with – and hey, they are much […]

No more white gaps

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Last week an important milestone was reached – we have managed to close all white gaps in the Demo. That’s it, all backgrounds are in place now. Though, some of background images are still pending for overpaint. There are seven of such left at the moment. I’m sure […]