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This week we were in process of choosing an artist for the keyframes artwork. Well, we are still in the process. There were a lot of discussion around that and especially about the general stylistics. It’s really hard question, because  even if you have pretty clear expectations of project style, you should take into account the human resources and their capabilities, so to make project move you should be ready for compromises. Of course artists doing their best to find the proper guiding line but sometimes it takes quite radical forms.

"Real" Morevna by Nikolay Mamashev

Also, last week much of my time was consumed by preparing the new Synfig release. So, we have 0.63.04 version out. And we have our packages updated too, but those packages are a little different from original ones. Carlos López González is very active at Synfig development last days  – and thanks to his efforts we have a new neat feature, not included into release. That feature is called “Outline Grow” – it allows to change width for all outlines inside of paste canvas with a single click, which is very helpful for tuning complex artwork.

That’s it for today. Cheers!

Priestest Sister - Shot 60 WIP

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4 Responses

  1. Nice! I really like that version of the “Priestess” sister. 🙂

  2. Well seems that was a very busy day 😉

    Right now I finish to do the UV’s of the generic soldier, it only has a simple plane texture and quick materials, the outliner was made with freestyle.

    This is the test:

    it is OK?, if I finish this soldier the others ones will be more easy to improve .


  3. Hi, Erik!
    It’s great to see the progress!
    I like how it looks! Freestyle does good job – I think we will go with that option soon (I just need to prepare packages).
    My suggestion is to add more detailed texture for cloth instead of plain green –
    Also please don’t forget to modify boots. ^_^

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