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Here’s a shots in progress I’m currently working on. Again, this is all about animatic stuff.

Shot 55 camera synchronization
Making animatic for shot 56 in Pencil

Meanwhile, Nikolay Mamashev is back to the project for the whole summer. He is working hard on animation for shot 16. This is a real crusade, really boring work. Shot 16 showing soldiers’ foots running towards us.

Nikolay takes 3D animatic and making some kind of vector overpaint.  First, he have sketched few keyframes to get the idea about the image look. Then he traced them and animated using stickman template. He decided not to draw sketches for all the rest keyframes and continued tracing using the past keyframes and 3D image as references. Looks like this approach works out. 4 seconds, 4 soldiers, 8 legs = lot of work. Though, Synfig simplifies work very much – we don’t have to  trace EACH frame. The animation is estimated as 20% done and the uncompressed file size is already at 25 Mb…

Working on shot 16

Next. I have discovered awesome resource – http://www.blendswap.com/. There is a lot  high quality 3D models there, all under friendly CC license! We already got drumset model and there’s so much more to consider (just look at all these car models!). Of course, we don’t forget to contribute back. ^__^

Also, recently I have discovered that “Donate” button on this website isn’t working. The reason is simple –  accounts registered for the citizens of Russia can’t receive  the payments. I guess this is why the amount of collected donations is zero (though, maybe I’m mistaken ^___^). Anyway, I should have find some workaround for this issue if we want to accept payments someday.

That’s all news for the moment. Stay tuned!

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