Weekly progress

Ok, here’s another report. Finally we have new Battlefield concept completely applied to all shots. And here’s few samples:

It’s awesome to have 3D as the starting point for real background artwork. Of course the final version will not go with 3D – we plan to do complete overpaint for the most shots.  Nikolay Mamashev offered his efforts to do background – he has ordered Cintiq tablet and ready to start with this task as soon the tablet arrive (judging by our post service – that will not happen earlier than 1st of March). Meanwhile, this week Nikolay have finished tracing of shot 32 and now prepares to get his hands on Priestess Sister.

What’s next. We have successfully finished migration to Blender 2.61, so we can succesfully render animatic to show. Our next step is to concentrate on the characters artwork. We need to find dedicated artist, who will be able to work on the Morevna Demo for 1-2 months. His task will be to draw all missing keyframes and redraw all existing ones in the same style. Currently we have few candidatures and next week we will concentrate on testing their capabilities. Of course this is hard stage. But we’re moving. Stay tuned and have a great week!

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