Weekly progress

This week we have continued with applying new battlefield concept to the demo shots. We have made it till the shot 35, which was reworked in the 3D fashion.

Shot 35

Agian, Nikolay Mamashev end up with some amazing pieces of animation (as usual based on Eeonora’s drafts). Here’s one of them.

And when it all comes together it looks so yummy!

Shot 32

At the same time Vyacheslav Yastrebcev is working on adding details to the new battlefield concept.

Shot 01

That’s all news for the past week. Stay tuned, because we have prepared a few tasty things for the next few days!

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8 Responses

  1. I’m so proud of this kind of Open Source Projects…
    You guys are doing an amazing work with Morevna! .

    Well I know that is very dificult go ahead with this kind of proyects, because of that you have all my respect.

    I want to offer my help to this proyect (if you let me), I have been using Blender for about 8 years and counting, so I’m wishing be helpful to you.


    PD: My e-mail is: erik90mx(arroba)yahoo(dot)com(dot)mx

  2. waaaw!! I didn’t expect that jejeje

    but yes, it is my Low Poly work but my bases are the creation of High Poly meshes like this one that I did for an Open Project similar to yours:


    in the 2D side:


    Guys I really love the anime style!! was the great of my infancy ๐Ÿ™‚
    will be great that I can contribute with something to your project.


    PD: I will check my e-mail for sure

  3. Hi, Erik!
    I like the barbarian artwork. In fact we really would like our soldiers to have similar bandit-like “widgets”/props on their uniform – http://zelgadis.profusehost.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/062.jpg XD
    The boy model looks fine as well.

    In fact you already started contributing – we have your soldier model commited in morevna repository since June. ^__^

    I’ll explain a little what we need this model in the first place.
    As you might know, the Morevna Demo starts when the main character (Ivan) is found on the street which is covered with soldier bodies – https://morevnaproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/ushot01.png
    Then Morevna founds him, gives him a hand and helps to stand up.
    And here goes the very complex shot (number 07) – http://www.mediafire.com/file/chdwh3321023l1i/07-20120131-133721.avi
    Ivan and Morevna standing on the street, camera turns around and the soldiers starting to get up from the ground. So Ivan and Morevna got surrounded by freaky-beasty-angry-headache-suffering soldiers. (Definitely this is a kind of hangover you don’t deserve ^__^). Something like on this image – http://morevnaproject.org/wiki/File:09-Soldier-11.png – but of course that should be in 3D (because we have camera turn).

    So, we need 3D animation of soldiers getting up from the ground. What we have now is one rigged soldier model.
    This task should be accomplished in following steps:
    1. Apply colours/textures to this model. Use this image as a guide – http://morevnaproject.org/wiki/File:09-Soldier-11.png
    2. Make animation of this (one) soldier model. That will allow us to test the rig capabilities and do necessary tuning if required.
    3. Create soldier copies and add variations.
    4. Animate them as well.
    5. Gather everything together on the scene.

    What do you think about this task? Would it be interesting for you?

  4. Well, If you want, I can create a new soldier model that fix perfectly what you need, improving the rigg system to your better understanding or manipulation ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You just need to give me a base image of all the proportions in the character desing, like this one:


    About the texture in the soldiers… you need a shader like this one, no?:

    I could try to get something like that for you.


  5. In fact I’m pretty much satisfied with the current model. ^___^ And the rig is just fine! It’s perfectly understandable and controllable for me. So I don’t want to waste resources – let’s continue with this model.

    The only thing I would like to see changed in the model mesh is boots. They should be like on this image – http://morevnaproject.org/wiki/File:Demo20-s3-4-b.jpg .

    Here’s a few more soldiers images for inspiration:
    (Notice the boots on the last image are different – this is a first version and it’s outdated now. But I like the mood of this image very much. ^__^)
    And one more thing: maybe the head could be a little bigger.

    About shading – that would be great to achieve something like this. Currently we use standard Edge function of Blender renderer. I haven’t dig into outlines produced by nodes yet… And don’t know if we should – maybe we should go with Freestyle rendering when it will come to final render…

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