New bounty: Krita Assistant Tool in OpenToonz

A few weeks ago our hired developer Ivan Mahonin finished basic implementation of MyPaint brushes for OpenToonz and his changes got included into official version (though, not officially released yet). After that many people ask us – what is going to be next major feature he plans to work on?

Recently we’ve got a new request from Skyler Madison (aka OrphanLast) to add Krita’s Assistants Tool into OpenToonz.  The videos below are a very good illustration of what Krita’s Assistants Tool is about.

For more details about this feature I am highly recommend to take a look at this post – Painting with assistants in Krita.

OrphanLast writes:

It’d be nice to be able to draw your backgrounds directly IN Opentoonz. As it currently stands, the program seems to lack the necessary tools to effectively draw in perspective. So It’d be nice to have something like the Assistant Tool in Krita.

After discussing the possibility and cost of this work he has started a bounty to bring this feature for all OpenToonz users.

Krita’s Fish-eye Perspective assistant. Image from

The bounty have goal set to $700 and as soon as it have enough pledges to cover the cost, our hired developer Ivan Mahonin will start working on this feature.

The bounty recently crossed 50%, but it is still has a way to go. It is not a question if the bounty will reach the goal or not – it surely will do. The question is: would it get a notable support from community or would it end up as mostly one-man effort? (I mean OrphanLast, who is persistently and continuously  donates every extra cent from his pocket). So  I am strongly encouraging to support this initiative and donate any small amount you can afford. With your help the bounty can reach its goal faster and all users will get the awesome new feature earlier.

If you can not donate now but want this feature to happen soon, then you can help anyway – just share a link to bounty page (or this post) on social networks. This is a big help too – maybe someone from your audience will want to join me and pitch the reward amount. Thank you!

P.S. OrphanLast have an YouTube channel where you can find a lot of interesting stuff about OpenToonz. It really worth to check out if you wish to stay in tune with the latest news about OpenToonz.

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