OpenToonz Morevna Edition now available for OSX!

As requested by many users, OSX version of OpenToonz Morevna Edition now available for download. Our build have several differences comparing to official OSX build of OpenToonz.

First of all, it is shipped as APP package, which doesn’t require administrative privileges to install. In fact, it isn’t really requires installation – just copy it into any directory or even run directly from downloaded DMG image.

Second important difference – it uses different location for “Stuff” directory. The stuff for Morevna Edition is located at “.config/OpenToonz/stuff/” in your home directory (it is created automatically at first application start).  Thus, if you have official version installed, then you might want to copy contents of “sandbox” directory to “.config/OpenToonz/stuff/sandbox/”.

That’s it, enjoy!

Download OpenToonz (Morevna Edition)

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  1. Thanks so much for releasing the OS X version and for all of the improvements you have added. I can’t actually get the app to open. After the loading pop-up appears, the program crashes. I’m using 10.12.6 and did have OT 1.1.3 installed. Uninstalling 1.1.3 did not seem to make a difference. Here’s the crash report:

      1. I’m able to open the app now! It looks like the issue was actually automatic graphics switching on my computer. With that turned off, I can open without issue.

  2. same behaviour here, running on a end 2013 macpro with osx 10.11.6, the program crashes immediately, anyway thank you for the work you are doing on OT.

    1. Hello Franco! Thank you very much for detailed report! I am happy you got OpenToonz working. Regarding the Style Editor Panel – this is a known bug of this version, we haven’t managed to get rid of it yet. As a workaround, just switch rooms a few times and Style Editor will get activated.

  3. Thank you Kostantin! Also opening a new style editor floating window it works. Another question (this is a bug also in the official release, while in the original toonz harlequin there is not): in the mac version the render of a plastic level is a mess, is almost unusable, any suggestion about that? Thanks

      1. Try turning off automatic graphics switching (under Energy Saver in System Preferences).

  4. unfortunately this has random scribbling going on when using a wacom tablet on a Mac (sierra). same as original 🙁 makes it useless

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