“All-or-nothing” or “Keep-it-all”?

After analyzing reactions to my previous post on social networks (thanks to everyone who took their time to leave feedback!) it gets pretty much clear: the availability of PayPal payment method heavily influences people’s choice to contribute. That’s logical – there are plenty of people who just prefer do not use their bank cards online. […]

New bounty: Krita Assistant Tool in OpenToonz

A few weeks ago our hired developer Ivan Mahonin finished basic implementation of MyPaint brushes for OpenToonz and his changes got included into official version (though, not officially released yet). After that many people ask us – what is going to be next major feature he plans to work on? Recently we’ve got a new […]

Sponsorship from Travel Ticker

Morevna Project just received a $400 sponsorship from “Travel Ticker” hotel booking website! This is already a second sponsorship from this company – previous one was received in January this year. This time the money will be used to pay our hired developer Ivan Mahonin for fixing bugs and improving stability of Synfig Studio (which is […]

Russian crowdfunding – Success!

Great news here! Today our Russian crowdfunding campaign have reached its goal! This is an important milestone for our project and it means two things: In the new episode of Morevna we will have high-quality Russian voicing. The new episode will be released in the first half of 2016. Exact date is TBA. Much thanks […]

Sponsorship from Travel-Ticker.com

I am happy to announce that our project just received a sponsorship from Travel-Ticker.com! “Travel Ticker” is an U.S. based travel deals website, they are running a campaign to help non-profits and giving one-time donations for various causes. As part of this campaign they kindly supported our project. How the money will be used With […]

ChameleonJohn provides sponsorship for Morevna Project

This week the guys from ChameleonJohn kindly provided a special sponsorship for our project. The mission of ChameleonJohn team is to help people save money on their online purchases by providing a list of actual promo codes and discounts. Unlike other similar resources, they’re taking their mission a step further by providing financial support for […]

Presentation of Morevna Project for Russian crowdfunding

Here’s a pitch video for our Russian crowdfunding campaign, that we have started the other week. The campaign is launched to produce the high-quality Russian soundtrack for upcoming episode, which will be done in collaboration with “Reanimedia Ltd.” In the pitch video you can see some fragments of upcoming episode, as well as other behind-the-scenes […]

Some news from Synfig

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. So much happened during past summer! If you remember, after receiving the grant  from Shuttleworth Foundation my plan was to temporarily leave the Morevna Project and move to Synfig as a full-time developer. Well, things turned out in a bit different way – instead of going for developer role […]