OpenToonz 1.1.3 Released

New version of OpenToonz was released on June 6th. And now we have updated our builds with all latest features of that version. Enjoy the latest OpenToonz 1.1.3 with MyPaint Brushes engine and full support for 32 bit.

Download OpenToonz for Windows and Linux

For information about full list of changes in 1.1.3 please read this page or watch community-contributed videos below.

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  1. I had mentioned before that I downed the first version with mypaint and found some issue with it. Anyway, I downloaded the latest version with mypaint, and when I tried to draw I still got the same result, as shown below:

    I tried different mypaint brushes and still got the same result. Fiddling with the setting doesn’t help. I’m Windows 10 user and I wonder if it is because my OpenGL is too low ( it is at 3.3)?

    Thanks in advance~

  2. When not using MyPaint, raster brush works fine (as are Vector and Toonz Raster). Only when I turned on MyPaint for raster level – no matter which type of brush I selected from the MyPaint panel – they all produced exactly the same odd lines you see in the picture linked above.

    1. Hello Janz! Can you please provide more screenshots showing how it looks with different brushes of MyPaint. This might help us to determine the cause of the problem.

      1. Well, I was trying to explain that it doesn’t matter which MyPaint brush I used, it still produced the exactly same odd lines. Anyway, I made a video this morning to show what I was talking about. Here’s the link: (Sorry, no sound – I don’t have a microphone.)

        Hope it helps?

        1. Hello Janz! Apologies for delayed reply and thank you for recording a video! That really helps to see the problem. From the video I have noticed you have a lot of extra additional brushes available. I wonder where did they come from? Do you have some version of MyPaint installed in your system? Also, please let me know what happens when you choose “No brush” preset (very first one)? Does it produces the same weird result?

          1. Dmitriev,

            I likewise apologize for not replying sooner. too. I wanted to tell you that I recently bought a new computer this weekend and re-installed OpenToonz with MyPaint in it…and it works! I am not sure but my old computer (about 7 or 8 years old) must be missing something that MyPaint needs in order to make it work. (I’ve installed and uninstalled quite a few of other programs over the years, so….) But now that I have a new computer, MyPaint works just fine. Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

          2. My guess is that there were some extra files from old MyPaint installation interfering with OpenToonz configuration. Glad to hear you got this solved! ^__^

  3. hallo, i had a problem with this new release.. when using plastic tool, and animate the bone.. the software will be force to close.

  4. Hello thanks for Your response, i stil get the error for this release, but when i’m using the original version opentoonz ver 1.1.3 it’s not happen, it’s works fine, btw i’m using windows 7..

    1. Please try the following steps:
      1. Uninstall all versions of OpenToonz.
      2. Open windows start menu, type “regedit” and press Enter.
      3. Regedit appliaction will start.
      4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE. You will see a folder called “OpenToonz”. Remove the whole folder completely (right-click and choose “Delete”). See reference image –
      5. Close Regedit.
      6. Go to C: drive and rename directory “OpenToonz 1.1 Stuff” to “OpenToonz 1.1 Stuff.bak”
      7. Install our version of OpenToonz again and try to use Plastic Tool again.

  5. Hae Konstantin!

    Was wondering if you could help me with an issue ->

    Have you guys experienced this? It’s even worse in the main version…I’m using Linux – Manjaro xfce.
    I tried rolling back kernels but that didn’t work. Am fairly new to linux and opentoonz.

  6. Um, I feel stupid for asking this, but I can’t find the application file to fully install, open, and use OpenToonz, what am I doing wrong? And I’ve already uninstalled and downloaded it three times now.

    1. After installation is completed, you can start application in the following way:

      1. Open start menu – hit button with Windows icon on your keyboard.
      2. Type “Toonz” into search box.
      3. An icon of OpenToonz will appear. Click on it to start application.

  7. I have another question though, is there a way I can reduce the overall size of the tools so they take up less screen space? or at least be able to allow more frames appear on screen, just like in the previous build of OT so I have more room to work with when I’m animating?

      1. what I’m trying to say is that my work space feels very cramped and my animation area is being used up by all the tabs in the program because it doesn’t seem to really fit properly in my screen, like as though everything has been enlarged and squeezed into the smaller size of my laptop screen. For example, the timeline Columns alone (horizontal style) take up almost 1/4 of my screen. If there’s nothing I can do about it, oh well, but it just feels like everything is too large. Could I get your email so I can send you screenshots of what I’m talking about if you’re still confused?

  8. The Morevna Edition version of the program conforms, however, such a message will be displayed What should I do?

  9. Version of open toons and Morevna Edition program conform, but will display such a message
    What should I do?

    “Another version of OpenToonzappears to be installed. Please, uninstall it first?”

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