OpenToonz 32bit available for download!

Many Windows users complained about the fact that official version of OpenToonz is available for 64bit architecture only. So, our team decided to fill that gap and now we are providing 32bit builds for Windows users. Enjoy!

Download OpenToonz 32bit
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  2. Many thanks for 32 bit version! You are awesome! 🙂 I’ m using this version on my cheap Windows 10 tablet (cpu atom z3735f) but OpenToonz is almost unusable because when I draw there is always a lag before lines appear. Anime Studio, instead, is smooth during the drawing process 🙁 I read that Anime Studio uses opengl rendering, can you do something similar with opentoonz? Maybe you can work on hardware acceleration (I can test the software and give you more specs for tablets like mine) Please, I can’t buy Anime Studio

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