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Did you know that OpenToonz have CLI tools? CLI stands for “command-line interface” and it might happen to be a big help to automate your tasks. Let me introduce you: “tcleanup”, “tcomposer”, “tconverter”, “tfarmcontroller” and “tfarmserver”.

If you compile OpenToonz from source, then CLI tools are installed to your system as separate binary files. But if you use our AppImage build, then you got only one single binary file – so, how to run those CLI tools?

Easy! Just call appimage binary with a special “–appimage-exec” option. For example, if you want to call “tconverter”, then do the following:

$ /path/to/OpenToonz.appimage --appimage-exec tconverter ARGUMENTS

Of course, make sure to replace ARGUMENTS with actual argument values.

For example, use “-help” to get syntax of “tconverter” tool:

$ /path/to/OpenToonz.appimage --appimage-exec tconverter -help
usage: tconverter -help
       tconverter -release
       tconverter srcName dstName [ -w width ] [ -s sceneName ] [ -range from to | -frame fr ]

       Print this help page
       Print the current Toonz version
  -w width
       Image width
  -s sceneName
       Scene file
  -range from to | -frame fr
       frame range
       Source file
       Target file

Note, that CLI functionality is not available with AppImage builds made prior to 2016-11-23. So, please make sure to use the most recent build.

Download latest version of OpenToonz

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3 Responses

  1. Have you guys tried this with brenda to submit spot jobs on Amazon Cloud? Actually, maybe renderchan and brenda could marry and spawn a child. brenda integrates spot pricing with batch submission, rendering sub frame, per frame, or multi-frame as you wish. And has an option to max out the render instances at just under an hour to avoid wasting an unnecessary spot hour idle, then resubmit with fewer instances to complete the job for maximum pricing efficiency. Have you guys looked at this?

    1. Hello! Thank you for the information about Brenda! I wasn’t aware about it, it is a very interesting project. In RenderChan we already have integration with Afanasy renderfarm – It is possible to write backends for other renderfarm systems.

      With Afanasy and RenderChan we already had experience of rendering on Amazon’s spot instances. But setting up all infrastructure was manual. And also control on instances was manual, without any API. The approach of automation with Brenda is very interesting of course. But this probably would require heavy rewrite, since Brenda is currently for Blender-only rendering.

      So, there is a special issue about software set: with RenderChan you need to have AMI prepared with particular versions of software (i.e. Synfig 1.2.0, Blender 2.78, FFmpeg, etc). For some projects you might want one version of Blender, for some projects – other version. This is an issue we would like to address in RenderChan in the future, but this also would impact on software set of the target AMI (rendering node). This should be configurable and automated. It is not clear how to arrange this (in terms of cross-platform way).

  2. Hola quisiera saber cómo renderizar en formato mp4 en su version de OpenToonz para Linux. Es decir, como se integra el ffmpeg a su version. Gracias por la Respuesta

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