Pepper and Carrot models by Nikolai Mamashev


A few weeks ago our studio artist Nikolai Mamashev published two blender models (rigs), based on original characters from the «Pepper & Carrot» open-source web-comic by David Revoy. Both models are available for free download and use under the therms of  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Models are equipped with a complete rig, easy to use. Simple controllers allow you to select one of several “species” of model, rotate the limbs, stretch, animate characters. There is also a facial rig, with which you can customize the emotions of the character of your choice. Library of mouths and hands to helps customize your  character for any, even the most difficult situation.

All textures and bone group fully configured and ready to use in your animation.

Our studio insider Denis Kholodilin took a chance to ask a few questions to Nikolai about his project.

Nikolai Mamashev. Photo by Anastasia Bessonova.

Denis: It looks like you created quite an advanced character rig. How did you come to this idea?

Nikolai: Last year I have been working on commercial  project, creating an educational animation about healthy lifestyle. I wanted to create something that is easy to animate, but gives a 3D feeling. Inspired by the technique of Broken Age (point-and-click adventure video game), this rig was developed specially for this project.

Poster of commercial project, that Nikolai have been working on.

I’ve put a lot of effort into the rig and learned a lot. And, when the project was finished I have realized that this rig might be useful for other people. I haven’t had permission to share any models from the project I’ve been working on, so I have created a new ones and published them.

D: And why “Pepper and Carrot”?

N: I really admire of David’s work and I wanted to contribute in some way. Also, I really like the idea of establishing interconnections between projects, related with open-source.

D: Do you plan to work on animated movie or something like this?

N: Not at all. Instead I would like to create a series of tutorials, which will show how to create animation using those characters.

D: A kind of “do it yourself kit”? Quite a suggestive for Pepper and Carrot community!

N: You could say that.

D: What if I want to create my own character with your rig? Will it take much time?

N: I plan to cover the process of rigging custom characters in my tutorials. The rigging takes approximately 7-10 hours. But there’s usually additional time required for created stylized character design for rig.

D: Looks like a lot of work!

N: Yes. But after that you will have a good character model, which makes animation process really smooth.

Actually, there is also another option – I can create a custom character on request. You just give me an image or sketch of desired character, I will stylize it and create a fully-functional rig for you.



Request a custom character

D: So, you can create a stylized character from any drawing?

N: I have much experience with that. In fact, it’s not necessary to be a drawing. I can create a stylized character from a photo.

Portrait stylization by Nikolai Mamashev.

D: So, you can create a character of me? That’s really cool! Will such work will be published on the same conditions as Pepper and Carrot models?

N: In this case it’s more like commission work. I have no control which image is given to me as input, so the resulting model  will be  a property of the one who requested it.

D: Makes sense. Do you have plans to publish any other characters besides Pepper and Carrot?

N: Yes, I have several more characters in mind.  Maybe it will be Witch of Chaosah.

Witch of Chaosah design by Nikolai Mamashev.

D: Is there any way I can get notified about your new models?

N: Sure. You can get notified by email.

D: Will be waiting for it! Thank you for an interesting talk, Nikolai!

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