I am happy to announce that we have published source files for 3 episodes of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic! As usual, there are 3 possible ways to get them:


This is preferred way if you wish to get all files and contribute. Please notice, that browsing through GitLab’s web UI doesn’t allow you to download files, as they are stored in LFS (you’ll get a “file pointer” instead of the full file). The right way to get data is to use "git clone" command.

Each repository has “README.md” file with instructions on software requirements and how to build sources.

Download via Rsync

This is preferred way if you wish to get all files and browse/edit locally. The advantage is that you can resume download if something connection gets broken.

  • rsync://archive.morevnaproject.org/sources/pepper-and-carrot-ep03/
  • rsync://archive.morevnaproject.org/sources/pepper-and-carrot-ep04/
  • rsync://archive.morevnaproject.org/sources/pepper-and-carrot-ep05/

NextCloud’s web interface

You can browse sources and download individual files through NextCloud’s web interface. This method is not recommended if you wish to download all files.

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