Pepper and Carrot models by Nikolai Mamashev

A few weeks ago our studio artist Nikolai Mamashev published two blender models (rigs), based on original characters from the «Pepper & Carrot» open-source web-comic by David Revoy. Both models are available for free download and use under the therms of  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Interview for LibreGraphicsWorld

Alexandre Prokoudine from LibreGraphicsWorld published an interview with me, where you can read some interesting details, like our plans for voicing in other languages. Interview was translated into English, you can read it here – Just to avoid confusions I would like to put some clarifications here. The phrase “our primary goal to create […]

Interview #2 @ FSCONS (English, Hacker Public Radio)

It was more than year ago, at the day of release of Morevna Project Demo – me and Julia Velkova gave a talk at FSCONS 2012 (Göteborg, Sweden). That was also a first public screening of the Demo. I have mentioned two interviews happened back then – first one in Russian was published on January […]

Interview #1 @ FSCONS (Russian)

( читать по-русски | Russian translation ) Hi! Here’s another post for our Russian-speaking audience. This is my interview given to Julia Velkova at FSCONS in the day right after the release of Morevna Project Demo. It turned out to be “anything-going” talk about Synfig, opensource, animation and of course Morevna Project.

Interview with vectorization competition winner

I know it’s much time passed by, but I hope you remember Vectorization Competition  that we held at Morevna Project from June to September. We have announced the results and the absolute winner – Jcome, but in fact that wasn’t the end of the story. We have prepared a little reward for the winner – […]