Pepper&Carrot: Transparent production with.. Discourse!

Do you want to watch closely how it goes with production of Pepper&Carrot Episode 3? I have good news for you! With this project we have organized all task tracking using Discourse open-source tool, and now our task list is open for public view. That mean you can watch our list of tasks and how […]

Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 – Back in production!

Hi everyone! Just want to let you know that donation from Stephen Paul Weber has successfully arrived to our OpenCollective page! – From this page you will be able to watch how the funds are used – who gets paid and for what. So, the Episode 3 of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic is in production […]

0.16372186 BTC (~$7500) donated for production of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic!

I am thrilled to announce that we’ve got donation of 0.16372186 BTC (~$7500 as of the day of the transaction) for production of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic! The donation is made by Stephen Paul Weber of It’s hard to describe how I am excited… SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR THAT, you are AWESOME! With this […]

Fraud-funding (update)

This is a update to my previous post about incident of fraudulent donations coming for production of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic. After publishing the post I have examined other transactions made in July and found that all of them look very similar to those identified as fraudulent. That made me feel not comfortable – I really […]

Fraud-funding :(

You probably remember that in July we’ve got an incredible flow of donations, which in turn triggered the start of our work on Episode 3 of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic. I have put those donations into producing animatic and soundtrack, which you can see published in this post. After the work on animatic was completed and […]

Pepper&Carrot Episode 3: Animatic – done! (and available on GitLab)

Stas Kholodilin finished work on animatic for Pepper&Carrot Episode 3. All source files of animatic now available in this GitLab repository. You can find quick usage instructions here. Rendered version will be published for free watching soon. Now I can start calculating costs of further production and at the same time I will prepare a […]

Open production for Pepper&Carrot Episode 3

In previous report I have mentioned that this month we’ve got an incredible flow of donations and most of them coming from sales of Pepper&Carrot Motion Comic at our Gumroad page. So, after thinking a bit and doing some calculations, I decided to start production of new animated episode of Pepper&Carrot! The amount of donations […]

Pepper & Carrot Episode 6: Fandub by “3df voice” studio

Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 got a new fandub work! You might be remember a  group of anime fans from 3dfdub studio (Tula, Russian Federation), who made a fandub voicing for Morevna Episode 3 almost two years ago. Now they decided to practice their skills with Pepper & Carrot and the result you can see on […]

Pepper & Carrot Episode 6: Call for fan-dub/remix

Dear friends, here we are happy to publish a Dub Pack for “Pepper & Carrot Episode 6”! “Dub Pack” is a special version of the work where video, voice, sound effects and music tracks are separated. So, you can easily edit/replace any part of the soundtrack. For example, you can remove voices and create a […]

Pepper & Carrot Episode 6 released!

The Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic is released now! We are happy to publish versions in English and Russian at the same day of public premiere. Enjoy! Watch now