Introduction to Remake

Finally I’ve got the video with my talk about Remake at LGM! Unfortunately the screen wasn’t recorded, so initially there was only my talking head there. But I’ve tried to reproduce everything what was happening at the screen during the presentation and combined with video. So I hope in this shape it makes sense now.

My English is pretty crappy, so here’s the presentation with all supporting text: lgm-remake-slides.pdf

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  1. Hey man, its pretty cool you’re doing this huge project, im right now starting with synfig too, i want to make quality animations (with minimal work, that means my cartoon world looks less detailed and the characters are too, but im concentrating on the animations themselves). i hope u dont give up on your project, since i know how much work it can be, show ur project to huge companies, so maybe u can someday work on a new simpsons movie^^. heres a simple animation of mine, its the first one really^^



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