How to effectively filter free music on Jamendo

So you are searching for free, non-restricted music on Jamendo. If you look at the “Advanced search” options, you will notice that default dropdown list allows to choose “Attribution” and “Attribution-ShareAlike” licenses separately. But in general case I want both (and I want to avoid the NonCommercial / NonDerivatives ones). Of course you can run […]

Synchronization infrastructure for collaborative animation projects

When several people work on the animation project in different places, the project sources are usually synced between them using the cloud services. Today I would like to share the workflow we use for that. First of all, as you probably know, for our projects we use Remake build system, which allows to separate sources […]

Introduction to Remake

Finally I’ve got the video with my talk about Remake at LGM! Unfortunately the screen wasn’t recorded, so initially there was only my talking head there. But I’ve tried to reproduce everything what was happening at the screen during the presentation and combined with video. So I hope in this shape it makes sense now. […]